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Things to Know Before Our Immigration Evaluation Training

immigration evaluations training

By Dr. Jazmin Burns | Founder of Burns Virtual Psychological Solutions

Embarking on the journey of immigration evaluation training is an exciting endeavor, and as your guide, I want to equip you with essential tips to ensure a smooth and enriching experience during our sessions. As technology becomes integral to our learning, proper preparation is key to maximizing the training’s benefits.

Technical Requirements

Before diving into our training, ensuring that your device meets the necessary technical requirements is crucial. 

We will be using the GoToTraining platform and you can check the technical requirements on this link:


Confirm that your device is compatible with our training platform. A desktop, laptop, or tablet with updated software is essential for a smooth experience.

Whether using a desktop, laptop, or tablet, ensure it’s in good working condition. While a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection is ideal, a smart device can suffice if a computer is inaccessible. However, prioritizing a stable internet connection is vital to minimize disruptions. 

In addition, a stable and fast internet connection is vital. If possible, use a wired connection for added reliability. In the case of Wi-Fi, ensure a strong signal to avoid connectivity issues. To optimize performance, use a recommended browser – Google Chrome is often the preferred choice, providing the best platform compatibility.

Training Materials

Anticipation is key to success in any training program. Make the most of the training materials that we are going to provide. All training materials will be accessible March 1 (details to come).

Equip yourself with the necessary tools for note-taking. Have a notebook or a digital note-taking app ready to capture key points, insights, and questions that may arise. 

Live Interaction Guidelines

One unique advantage of our live online training is the opportunity for real-time interaction. Participate in the discussions and engage with our speakers and fellow attendees to significantly improve your learning experience. Please note that attendees will be muted during presentations but there will be Q & A sessions during different parts of the training.

Be prepared to participate in discussions actively. Share your thoughts, ask questions, participate in groups, and contribute to the collective learning experience. 

During our Q&A sessions, use this time to clarify concepts, exchange experiences, and enhance your comprehension of the subject matter.

Support Contact Information

Despite our best preparations, technical issues can sometimes arise. 

If you encounter technical difficulties during the training, don’t hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]

Embarking on our immigration evaluation training journey is a valuable investment in professional development. By sticking to these tips, you set the stage for a rewarding learning experience. See you there.


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