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Parent-Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM)

Parent-Early Start Denver Model is an evidence-based intervention program designed for coaching parents with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It combines principles of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) with developmental and relationship-based approaches. ESDM is specifically geared toward children with ASD to improve developmental outcomes and social communication skills in these children. 

Some of the key features and components of the Parent-Early Start Denver Model include:

  • Developmental Focus: ESDM is rooted in the understanding that early childhood is a critical period for development, and it is designed to enhance the overall development of children with ASD. 
  • Naturalistic Teaching: The model emphasizes using naturalistic teaching strategies within everyday routines and activities, such as play and daily routines. This approach helps children generalize their skills more effectively. 
  • Relationship-Based: ESDM places a strong emphasis on building positive and supportive relationships between the child and their caregivers or therapists. This approach fosters engagement and motivation in the child. 
  • Individualized Curriculum: Intervention plans are tailored to each child’s unique needs, strengths, and challenges. ESDM incorporates ongoing assessment to adjust goals and strategies accordingly. 
  • Joint Attention and Communication: The model places a particular focus on developing joint attention skills (sharing attention with others) and enhancing communication abilities, including both expressive and receptive language skills. 
  • Parent Involvement: P-ESDM encourages active participation from parents and caregivers. They are taught to use ESDM techniques and principles to promote their child’s development in everyday life. 
  • Data-Driven: ESDM employs data collection and analysis to track a child’s progress systematically. This data helps guide intervention decisions and ensures that the child is making meaningful progress. 


The Early Start Denver Model has gained recognition and popularity as an effective early intervention program for children with ASD. Research studies have shown positive outcomes in areas such as communication, social skills, and cognitive development for children who receive ESDM-based intervention. 

Our speech-language pathologist, Amy Shafer, offers a 12-week parent coaching program using the principles of P-ESDM. The parent coaching program is highly individualized and tailored to meet the family’s needs. Given the program is 100% virtual, parent involvement and collaboration are required. This program is ideal for parents who are seeking parent education, and parent coaching, and to enhance the developmental skills of their child’s cognitive, speech and language, play, and joint attention skills.

Amy Shafer

An outline of the parent coaching program is as follows:

Below are just some of the benefits of parent coaching

  • The child acquires a variety of new skills in their natural environment
  • The child receives repeated practice with their new skills
  • Parents gain more confidence in supporting their child’s development
  • Parents experience increased positive parent-child interactions
  • Parents and children have the opportunity to receive therapy from the comfort of their home


To sign up for P-ESDM with our certified therapist, please contact us at Burns Virtual Psychological Solutions (916) 234-6323 or email Amy Shafer directly at [email protected]. You can visit our website at: https://bvpsychsolutions.com/speech-services/

Fee: $140 for 60-minute sessions, $70 for 30-minute sessions

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