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Postnatal Services

In 2020-2021, Dr. Burns completed the Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship, an intensive, interdisciplinary training and mentoring program for professionals who work with children ages 0 to 5. Dr. Burns learned from some of the most recognized experts in the field of infant mental health. This fellowship provided a rich, interdisciplinary learning experience that was designed to teach professionals the latest thinking and research on models of care and to support a deep and broad understanding of relationship-based therapies. During this fellowship, Dr. Burns was certified in the Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system, as well as the Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (NCAST) Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Feeding Scale.

The NBO is an infant-focused, family-centered, and strengths-based tool that offers individualized information to parents about their baby’s communication strategies and overall development, with a view to strengthening the parent-infant relationship. The NBO can be done on babies from birth-3 months. For more information on the NBO, please visit: https://www.newbornbehaviorinternational.org/nbo-1

The NCAST PCI Feeding Scale is a way for a parent/caregiver to understand their bond with their baby during a feeding session (nursing or feeding from a bottle). For more information on the NCAST PCI Feeding Scale, please visit: https://www.pcrprograms.org/parent-child-interaction-pci-feeding-teaching-scales/

If you are a parent/caregiver wanting to learn how to better understand and connect with your baby, these services are for you. In addition to the NBO and NCAST, Dr. Burns offers a supplemental service where she teaches parents how to read their baby’s cues using BabyCues® – A Child’s First Language. For more information on BabyCues® – A Child’s First Language, please watch the following video :

These tools and trainings can help parents and caregivers answer questions such as:

  • How can I tell my baby is ready to play and interact?
  • How do I know my child needs a break from an activity?
  • What combination of cues might tell me if my baby is hungry or full?
  • How can I readily respond to cues to help prevent tantrums?
  • How can I tell my infant is full?



The following materials will be needed for the parent/caregiver to complete the NBO:

  • Small red ball
  • Small rattle
  • Small flashlight

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Are you someone who identifies as neurodivergent? Dr. Burns and her team take a neuroaffirmative approach in their work to meet neurodivergent individuals where they are in a safe and validating environment.