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Welcome to Burns Virtual Psychological Solutions, your trusted companion on the journey to mental well-being. In today’s fast-paced world with high demands, seeking professional help for psychological issues has become more important than ever. 

That’s where we come in. As your friendly online mental health and developmental team, we offer a safe and convenient platform for you to explore and address your mental health concerns. Our experienced and compassionate specialists are committed to providing personalized, evidence-based therapy tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or simply seeking personal growth, we are here to support you every step of the way. Join us and discover the transformative potential of virtual counseling in your life.

Who is BVPS?

Burns Virtual Psychological Solutions, led by Dr. Burns and her compassionate team, is dedicated to empowering individuals and families on their paths to self-discovery and healing. 

Their commitment lies in offering a safe and nurturing environment where clients can explore their inner selves and uncover meaningful answers. 

With a focus on self-acceptance, they encourage clients to embrace their unique identities without judgment or shame. The team equips individuals with valuable coping skills through tailored therapeutic approaches to overcome challenges and adversities. 

By fostering a collaborative and understanding atmosphere, Burns Virtual Psychological Solutions aims to instill hope and resilience in every client, encouraging lasting positive changes that lead to a more fulfilled and emotionally balanced life.

Online Psychology Services Offered By BVPS

Burns Virtual Psychological Solutions (BVPS) offers a comprehensive range of online psychology services designed to support individuals as well as families on their mental health journeys. 

Utilizing cutting-edge virtual platforms, BVPS ensures accessible and convenient therapy options for clients nationwide. 

Dr. Burns and her expert team provide personalized counseling tailored to each client’s unique needs, fostering a strong therapeutic alliance and encouraging open communication. 

BVPS’s online services encompass various areas, including individual therapy, family counseling, stress management, and coping skill development. 

Through evidence-based practices and a compassionate approach, clients gain valuable insights, improve self-awareness, and work toward personal growth and healing. 

BVPS’s commitment to excellence, combined with the ease of accessing services from the comfort of one’s home, makes it a trusted and empowering choice for those seeking professional support for their psychological well-being.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a valuable and standardized assessment tool the BVPS team uses to gain deeper insights into an individual’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning.

These assessments involve various methods, such as questionnaires, interviews, and objective tests, to measure specific aspects of a person’s mental health and personality traits. 

The data collected through psychological testing aids in diagnosing mental health conditions, understanding behavioral patterns, and identifying strengths and weaknesses.

It plays a crucial role in treatment planning, helping professionals develop personalized interventions and therapies that address individual needs effectively. 

Psychological testing is also used in educational settings to assess learning disabilities and academic capabilities. Ethically administered and interpreted, psychological testing is essential for enhancing overall mental well-being and promoting personal growth.

Individual and Group Psychological Therapy

Individual and group psychological therapy are two essential forms of psychotherapy, each offering unique mental health and personal development benefits. 

Individual therapy provides a one-on-one setting where clients can work closely with a licensed therapist to explore their personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a private and confidential space. 

This approach allows for a highly personalized and tailored treatment plan, addressing specific issues and fostering self-awareness and growth.

On the other hand, group therapy involves a small group of individuals who come together under the guidance of a skilled therapist. 

Group sessions create a supportive and empathetic environment where participants can share experiences, offer insights, and encourage one another. 

This shared experience often leads to increased social connectedness, a sense of belonging, and the realization that others face similar challenges.

Individual and group therapy are both effective treatments for various mental health conditions, including trauma, anxiety, depression, and difficulties within relationships.

The choice between the two depends on individual preferences and needs, but both forms of therapy offer valuable opportunities for personal healing and positive change.

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology is a specialized healthcare field dedicated to diagnosing, evaluating, and treating communication disorders and swallowing difficulties. 

SLPs, also known as speech-language pathologists or speech therapists, work with people of all ages, from infants to older adults.

They address a broad spectrum of speech and language challenges, such as articulation disorders, language delays, stuttering, voice disorders, and aphasia.

In addition to speech and language concerns, SLPs help individuals with swallowing and feeding difficulties, collaborating with other healthcare professionals. 

They use various therapeutic techniques, exercises, and assistive technologies to improve communication skills and enhance quality of life.

Speech-language pathology is critical in facilitating effective communication, enabling clients to participate more actively in social, academic, and professional settings. 

SLP services are crucial in empowering individuals to reach their full communication potential and fostering independence and confidence in their daily lives.

PEERS For Young Adults

PEERS for young adults is a transformative and empowering program to support individuals facing mental health challenges and emotional struggles. This unique initiative offers a safe and non-judgmental space for young adults to connect with peers who may have experienced similar difficulties. 

Through shared experiences, open dialogue, and empathetic understanding, PEERS for young adults fosters a sense of belonging and community.

The program promotes positive mental health by encouraging active participation, emotional expression, and mutual support among participants. Trained facilitators guide discussions, helping young adults develop coping strategies and effective communication skills. 

PEERS for young adults equips its members with valuable tools to navigate life’s complexities, build resilience, and gain confidence in facing their journeys toward mental well-being. 

This peer-based approach creates a sense of camaraderie and hope, instilling in young adults the belief that they are not alone in their struggles.

Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT)

The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) is an approach to clinical problem-solving that is both developmentally attuned and grounded in neurobiology. 

NMT does not refer to any one method of treatment; it’s a way of thinking that uses the insights of neurodevelopment and traumatology to guide interventions with kids, families, and neighborhoods. 

In order to provide individualized suggestions for the selection and sequencing of therapeutic, educational, and enrichment activities that best meet the needs and strengths of each person, the Neurosequential approach relies on three main components: training/capacity building, assessment, and specific recommendations. 

NMT is grounded in neurobiology and recognizes that traumatic experiences can impact brain development. 

Postnatal Psychological Services

Postnatal psychological services are essential resources that provide crucial support and care for new mothers and families during the postpartum period. This critical phase can be emotionally challenging, as mothers may experience psychological and emotional changes, such as postnatal depression, anxiety, or adjustment difficulties. 

These services typically include counseling, therapy, and psychiatric support to help mothers navigate their emotional well-being and bonding with their newborns.Through a compassionate and understanding approach, postnatal psychological services offer a safe space for mothers to share their feelings, concerns, and experiences. 

However, postnatal depression is more common than you might think, affecting more fathers than mothers. The typical signs of depression include feeling irritable or angry, having trouble concentrating, and feeling guilty or depressed. 

This demonstrates how critical it is to recognise and address dads’ mental health issues before and after delivery. Creating a welcoming workplace where fathers can ask for assistance without feeling awkward is equally crucial. 

Healthcare professionals are essential in identifying and treating paternal postnatal depression. Healthcare practitioners can identify at-risk patients and offer suitable help and referrals by routinely evaluating fathers’ mental health during prenatal and postnatal visits. 

Online Mental Health Services Tailored to Your Needs

Burns Virtual Psychological Solutions is committed to helping individuals and families find answers, support, and healing. BVPS offers personalized online psychological services that promote self-acceptance and growth. Contact BVPS today to take the first step towards a happier and healthier life. Let us support you on your journey to improve your mental well-being!


Are you someone who identifies as neurodivergent? Dr. Burns and her team take a neuroaffirmative approach in their work to meet neurodivergent individuals where they are in a safe and validating environment.